Connecting you with better specialty coffee.

About Us

At kafster we love trying out new coffees from everywhere near, far, and inbetween. From Los Angeles to New York, there are literally hundreds of artisan coffee roasters. That's why we set out to create kafster. We want to make it easier for everyone searching for talented coffee gurus and to simply connect you with better coffee.

Future Goals

Now that we have a large portion of the coffee roasters in the U.S. mapped out, we plan to extend the functionality of kafster in a few key areas. First and foremost, we’re adding a blog section so that we can dive into the coffees we’re drinking and what's working best for us brew-wise. This will allow us to keep you updated on what’s to come. Second, we’ll be adding the ability for roasters to create profile pages. This gives roasters a place to input information that we can integrate throughout the website.

After this we will be adding two features that will both greatly help you find the coffee you want. The first of these is a search box that’ll be on the front page and throughout the site which will give you the ability to find coffee with almost any parameters. Only like Ethiopians? Looking for a coffee with black currant as a flavor note? This will help you find that. In addition to the search box, we’d also like to help you sort things right on the front page by using filters. That way you can sort out the roasters you like quicker without having to dig through their roaster page.

We have a good bit on our plate for the next few months, but we are working hard to get you these features as soon as we can. We are here to help you find the coffee that you enjoy in an easy and simple way.